MATT-WILKIE-IN-THE-PHILIPPINES-PROSTITUTION-RINGlogger Evan Iliadis says NO! to all that, says no to the intimidation and to 4 - 5 of his wall of shame residents that joined forces on the Internet for the purpose of discredit him. They can't! Too little too late… Besides, I am not living in the Philippines but in a law abide society (You better be!) where not even a fraction of the penal code violations those sexpats criminals commit in the Philippines will go unanswered. Excuse me? Did I hear lawsuits? In 4 jurisdictions around around the world? Again!...
Leme hav a big fat feckihing Greek laugh!... Guenther Vomberg the queer is talking here? Evan Iliadis is laughing here!!!

The profile of those involved in the prostitution and human trafficking in the Philippines varies significantly from one another. Those "bosses" with huge capital also involved on other criminal activities like money laundering drug trafficking, just to name a couple of examples, they don't even live in the Philippines.

They are managing the "business" with managers living there, or by themselves remotely. You'll never see them posting on the forums or sign blogs, they are very careful, making the anonymity their most sacred rule.

They are rarely present "on the theater of operations" are acting as financiers expecting at least a return of the triple on their investment.
Others, came to the Philippines with nothing or a small "investment capital" hoping to "make it" by entering the existing barfine market as a "capo"

>MATT-WILKIE-IN-THE-PHILIPPINES-PROSTITUTION-RING.Some of them have scrupulously observed the "omerta law"to the letter, but most - usually the less successful - spent their times in the forums or writing blogs building their image hopping will attract someone's attention from the established industry.

This blogger has already exposed a few sending a warning to many that got the message except one that I am here today to tell you his story. Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals.

He came from Glasgow Scotland in the year 2007 at the age of 30something, broke, no money, leaving behind a young child that he has never s0w again, blaming his failures to his country "where foreigners stealing the jobs", generally, blaming any body else except himself; Upon arrival he met in person his cyber penpal, got married and started the "establishment process".

Being no one in the Philippines is equal to a slow death due to boringness and isolation, most often leading to alcoholism and other personality destruction habits, especially if you live in places like Miglanila where Matt lives, or in Balamban where Guenther Vomberg lives,both around but far from Cebu city.

After he struggled for a couple of years with blogs he was setting up at the rate one per day, he filled up the search engines with his name hopping the clicks will bring some money and fame.

There was none. Matt Wilkie was living on Filipino way of life, depriving himself of the basics he used to have in England, that England he wanted to come back but England doesn't take back losers when they have family coming with them and they can't even support themselves.

He's now stuck there, even if he wanted to leave the PH alone he doesn't know where to go in the UK. So, he put in place the plan B consisting of two parts:

B1- Put blogs everywhere painting himself as a stand up man of good character and morals, something like this,
Matt Wilkie lowcost housing as an example, photos of painting the local school or pretending "he attacks the sexpats community and gets a lot of hate mail". I personally did not read any of these mails he received from others.
But I do know about those he sent to me.
Like this one, you haven't seen it yet.
Which yes,I believe triggered a lot of hate mail and and the desire of certain to locate the cliffs near his area…..

The effort did not produce the expected results, neither did the failed dismantlement of Living In Cebu Forums where he was hoping to generate traffic = income counting on me as a support for its success since (to his thinking) I opened the door for it by causing Paul Petrea to "exit" the PH now on a fugitive status.

But knowing what I know about Matt, something Matt didn't know that I know, I chose to wipe off his "replacement new forum",it took only 3 entries on my blog and he was out. Ever since, it functions with 4-5 members with him posting the 70% of the posts mainly replying to his own.

Time now to go in the core of the story, Matt Wilkie's involvement with pimps and nightlife figures in Cebu. Below is a screen shot from one of Matt Wilkie's blogs where he revealed all his partners that forced him to delete the entry. He put in place the plan B2, trying to bait new clients hoping to capitalize one way or another.


The entry was deleted soon after published but I have saved it from Google's cache. Clicking on the image above get you there" Paul Petrea Lies And The truth" with dozen of pages and pages was completely deleted and replaced with "Evan Lies and truth". Matt got lost at one point, couldn't deal with so many enemies at the same time.. He had to make a choice and signs evil pacts. He signed them with those he previously was snitching!
The title of the entry you see above on the screenshot is a conversation Matt Wilkie had with a guy named "warlord" in the forums and the porn world in Cebu. His name is Mark Overly and he also goes by the name Cebu4luv and among other things he owns the his forum name is "Warlord" Look at the screenshot below taken from his site.

He's very frustrated lately because people don't post and don't donate so he threatens to delist members who don't. Coincidently, people stopped posting around June just after Matt Wilkie posted the entry about their conversation.


For your information also, It was Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks favorite spot during his glory days in Cagayan de Oro. He was one of the top posters on this forum. He had 156 entries witch many can be seen in detail clicking on the link I posted above.

So, Thanks to Matt Wilkie we now know who Warlord is, he even disclosed us his other screen ID Cebu4luv we just googled it and found tons of pictures. Go and take a look. You'll see how hard he was trying to build "a good standing man" image, like curiously all the crooks and low life in the world have this same need, including Matt Wilkie himself, to fake themselves behind "a normal family life by day" but prostitution activities by night.

Mark Overly is not the only one we"met" thanks to Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals. There is another name in the conversation. Take a look on the excerpt below: From the Warlord:


Philippinesnightlife. You see it? Hummmm! Here is the guy!!.


PNL=Philippines Night Life Administrator. Matt Wilkie told us he's a guy named Ron Miller "aka" Voyager aka PNL and send us also this picture and said he was partnering with fugitive Paul Petrea in many crooked business before Petrea's "departure" to Cambodia.


Below is another excerpt of Matt Wilkie's blog on the story. Clicking on the image will bring you to the page where you can read everything on Matt mythomaniac fantasy.

I Evan Iliadis have never heard, wrote, read from or communicate in any way with a guy goes by the name of LLOYD CHUMBLY or CHUMBLEY "US Associates" as Matt Wilkie call those who contributed to my blogs had many, but none under this name.

Matt Wilkie does the same with those two low life as he did with Paul: Bringing them to his game, destroyed their forums and "reputation" in their porn milieu so he can divert the traffic to his porn business in association with Christopher Bennett's

He hasn't been successful with Paul Petrea, thanks to me I destroyed his "live in the Philippines forum" (see comment at the end of the page), but for you guys is too late. Your forums are gone!..For ever! Ron Miller's was hacked twice and had to change his domain name to comeback on line, He has also closed two others sites the and a porn site he had under the name

As for Mark Overly his forum Cebunightlifeforum is also history, just surviving. That's not all Matt Wilkie told me about him. He has disclosed other information linking Mark to porn sites. Reading the saved entry you'll see an email address below his nick name "Warlord" Replacing the with, click on and see what you get! copy it and paste it on your browser and? Voila! No comments. There is a lot of mythology coming from a sick mind like Matt Wilkie. But I have said this all along, I have now to come up with something new:

My Final statement: Addressing Ron Miller and Mark Overly



Guys, if you are here today, you owe it to Matt Wilkie. Thank him. Be informed, this blogger never heard about you before, has never seen a photo of you, never been on Evan's list for exposure of your crooked activities in the Philippines, not that you did not deserved it, you are cyber pimps both of you, just because Evan was busy with others. I was stunned when Matt Wilkie involved you with me and this imaginary person named Lloyd Chulbley or what his name is spelled. Now, read carefully what follows:
In your Nov.12 conversation with Matt, he told you that told Evan this: For convenience see an excerpt of the conversation below:

Indeed, Matt Wilkie sent me a mail complaining about "my US associate". Take a look on the screen shot below. Do you see the name of Lloyd Chumbley?


Of course not! Because the name was invented to show you his detective skills, to impress you, to trust him and destroy you! Now, he will say, the mail is fake! well, take a look on the original uploaded to the Google drive site and read it in original mail format. If you still have doubts about the authenticity fuck off all 3 of you together, no reader with the most advanced knowledge on html will find it fake! below and take a look.

Before that, Matt Wilkie told you that he has blocked my IP? Yeah? look at excerpt below what I'm talking about.


You will be 'delighted" to know that Matt not only did not block my IP -who cares anyway- IPs grow on the trees now days, he continue to correspond with me by dragging ME on the "New Forum' hoping to contribute to the demolition job against Paul Petrea, invitation I gladly accepted and contributed, but not under the same motivations as Matt.

He (Matt) wanted Paul's web traffic to migrate to his forum, ME wanted him and his forum as demolished as possible making sure he will never come back to Philippines again. He put another low life of his forum partners Mark Hamilton to puled the plug on my membership, banning me 4-or 5 times in Jun-July 2012!

Now, if your detective - special investigator knew about this phantom Lloyd Humble and discussed it with you on November 2011, why he (Matt) let him post on his forum until April 2012? Look below.


So!. You cuckolds Ron Miller and Mark Overly you better comeback to me with an explanation why you hired this schizophrenic Matt Wilkie to defend you against a non existent enemy.

He (Matt) orchestrated everything from day one to look like a hero to you for the gain of something, be it links on his blogs, association to your porn business or as I mentioned before for the purpose of destroying you reporting anything about you to the PNP. What you already read is not the end of the story. There is much more to disclose from Matt's mails he involved you.

Sincerely yours

Evan Iliadis








Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals

Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals.

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Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines,

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Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines,

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