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Matt Wilkie Mails to Evan Iliadis

Fake Mails? Yeah? Why it took you more than a year to come up with that? Or maybe your days are numbered from angry expats you try to calm them down? We'll leave it up to the readers to judge.

December 9 2012

Folks, the mail below has been uploaded to a Google drive and can be downloaded for viewing or just click on the image, download the original mail format as received, go to your download folder and open it with your mail application.

Matt Wilkie Mails to Evan Iliadis

Expats, this schizophrenic refuses treatment making him extremely dangerous to the community you live in.

When I first published only a few screenshots of his mails on my blogs his forum was shot down, never recovered, and will never do. Same for every blog he publishes Moderators, members, guests, all run away angry to read about themselves, and those who worried if their name is there too! No one doubted the authenticity of these mails but this moron is coming today with a 100 pages comments on Evan all written by 5 sexpats residents on my wall of shame to tell us the mails are fake. He admitted a different story at that time like:"I was feeding Evan with fake events and stories never happened.!" No one believed you then, no one believe you today. Then, you change your story again. You complained I didn't care on your messages, I didn't take you seriously. Do you know anyone in this world who did? Here is what you said.

Matt Wilkie Mails to Evan Iliadis

The screenshot above taken from your blog will be answered extensively later. Meanwhile Can you tell us what was altered on the mail you see at the beginning of the page? Or those follow below?
Reader, once you check the original mail you will see the whole thread including my response. To you moron Matt Wilkie I say this:

You sent me a full page of garbage I never asked for. My first mail to you was about a comment I posted to your blog on an entry about my wall of shame. Nothing else. I didn't believe a damn word of what you were writing to me because I was reading about your relationship with the bikini bars owners including Ron Miller's porn business, the jungle "restaurant", your "Philanthropist's" activities asking 20 000Euros to "build houses for the poor". Yeah? houses for the poor? Leme hav a big fucking Greek laugh moron Matt Wilkie....
Let's take a look on the mail. To see the original just click on the image, after download open it on your mailing program.

Matt Wilkie Mails to Evan Iliadis

Fellows, Matt Wilkie has taken on any one on the net just for the heck of a better Google ranking of his pages that no matter how high or how low the only interested are a few sexpats. I googled at least 20 key words Philippines related tourism, travel hotel resevations, penpals and related but his site tropical penpals never came up. Which means Matt doesn't make any "clean" money on the net. He had to find a different way, like any expat come to the Philippines without fixed income from abroad: Get involved on criminal activities. But things turned soured on him because he was snitching on some of them to turn the PNP attention away of others he was making survival money from. That's why "The some of them" had a list of cliffs where Matt was passing by and "showed" it to him.

Hey schizophrenic, Google or not, you still have to go on the sultanates working 20/24 to make a living because your motorcycle will soon needs repairs spending money you don't have.
Let me ask you this: Did I asked you anything on my mail other than I commented on my comment to your entry? Did I asked you anything about Perry Gamsby? Or anyone else? Are you sure you were offering "the girls" pizza for the reason you said? full of diarrhea "a la Guenther Vomberg" lol!! Perfect couple!!

Readers, have a little problem with what follows: The screenshot you see below has 8 attachments sent with a mail from Matt as he acknowledged on his entry seen above with title "Evan Iliadis and Thomas Rhuland." Lets first take a look on a screenshot of the mail:

Bullshit Matt Wilkie!!!... You haven't rescued any one, neither did the PNP. The Credit goes to the US and other first world countries that dismantaled one of the biggest pedophile web site where Matt Wilkie was a member. We didn't need you to provide us with "first hand confidential information" I and many others on this blog knew the same from the same source as you.
This discussion board that the US governement shot down for going too far with revelations joepardising the investigation. Only some traces of the forum left on google. Here is one, but one can find many sources by typing Thomas Ruhland, operation Delego,dreamboard site
Matt Wilkie Mails to Evan Iliadis

Matt Wilkie You are a sick egomaniac, first world rejected citizen, after 5 years in the PH rejected from there too, and now you are a pariah fourth class citizen of the sultanate of Oman where you work as a security guard. They are delighted to have their former colonizers working for them like slaves lol!!1....

That been said, folks take a look on the mail image. There are 4 jpg images and 4 text files. The problem is the jpg images. show little Filipino girls going from 5 to 12 years old. They are not hard core sexually explicit images, nothing nude,"A la Chris Bennetts the psychopath" nevertheless not suitable at all for publishing here. Myself, I sent a copy of this mail to my lawyer in Bohol and had to make a statement in the "Gendarmerie Nationale" here in Mougins just to keep the file on my hard drive, that otherwise will be in trouble with stiff fines and maybe imprisonment just to have them in the computer. However, this does not prevent me to publish them edited, meaning without showing the face. Here they come:

Matt Wilkie Mails to Evan Iliadis The image shows two girls 5?7? years young? dressed as adults and kissing. Matt Wilkie Mails to Evan Iliadis A girl in sensual position, About 12? Matt Wilkie Mails to Evan Iliadis
Two girls, one about 10, the other about 7. There is a fourth one but is covered with watermarks of the website, is not worth editing for publishing. It's in the same style anyway. As for the text files included as attachements I have to edit them as well because some contain the names of several little girls especially "the merchandise price list" Yes, that's exactly what it shows. Matt wilkie was a participant on this trade.
Here come the first:
Matt Wilkie Mails to Evan Iliadis This is the text file part of 8 attachements you see on the screenshot with title "cs english.txt"
look at the next. Is the text attachement with name "information.text" Now they are going down to
expose as young as 4! Matt Wilkie Mails to Evan Iliadis The next 2 files coming no need editing, the links you see do not work. I left them as is. One is the
attachement "contact.txt" the other one "Movie Samples.txt" that contains the password for Matt to
log in and watch the video Matt Wilkie Mails to Evan Iliadis Matt Wilkie Mails to Evan Iliadis
Friends, good and normal people,expats/sexpats enemies and friends of enemies, schizophrenics, perverted and all kind of mentally disturbed, you have just learned that any one of you has to stay away from this worthless individual. If he sent you the same mail with these pictures delete them! All he does,is a subtle marketing to trap you in and blackmail you for the rest of your life. And if it happened you live in Cebu and know where the deep cliffs are you may find a way out of this nightmare he will put you in. Otherwise you re stuck!

What you just read is not the end of the story. Much more to come, more mails will be published, remember, Evan's blogs run slow but they run... Besides, fairness oblige,we have to give time to Matt and others to publish at least 4 entries each!.. Guenther is back to diarrhea lately and need a lot of relieve. I'll be back with more soon


Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals.

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Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals.

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