Matt Wilkie Tropical penpals Philippines Spain & more.Matt Wilkie's ladyboys BPO agents

Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agentsWelcome again to the new tropical penpals entry where we'll formally introduce you to a very particular expat, an ambitious and talented guy as Evan Iliadis described him in previous entries not long ago.

Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agentsMatt Wilkie' Ladyboys agents
ellow readers, Good expats, bad sexpats throughout the world, decent and evil people, pimps, schizophrenics disillusioned, all welcome to our site
. Matt Wilkie Tropical penpals Philippines Spain & more.

Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines keeps on surprising us entry after entry, page after page, always he manages to come up with new ideas, a real trend setter, living up to his well deserved fame, often times his vision and innovation talents bypasses these of Steve Jobs.

After the tremendous success to his world's first idea of raising smart pigs that many organizations and industries like the Philippines Police Department and the call centers to name a few, have changed the way of doing business, meaning replacing the Human resources with these smart pigs trained by Matt Wilkie, he now came up with that new thing that became the talk of the BPO business in the Philippines: Using agents within the gay community in his area, also called in the Philippines"Ladyboys"

Here on the Tropical penpals blog we're so exited to read new stories and discoveries, would be inexcusable to miss this one. We again consulted our lawyer and ask him the risk - if any- we're taking by again disclosing trade secrets of a genius entrepreneur, like DCAM (That's how it spells?) complaint or similar, and got the answer not to worry, Steve Jobs is dead. Then let's proceed with Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agents Matt Wilkie Tropical penpals Philippines Spain & more.

Below is a screenshot of Matt Wilkie's blog congratulating himself for his accomplishment in the community, how he cares, and his contribution to job creation in the area. Let's take a look. He said is one of his "agents" wrote this:

Please note. The picture you see on this entry is one of his unnamed "agent" in his FB.
No need to be an expert to see the poor, misleading, unverified marketing statements of a guy that actually have no business in the Philippines, surviving from savings when working as a security guard in the Middle East, feeding himself and family with extra rice and pork, the only meat he can afford. He struggles to convince his family in the UK where they have all written him off as a loser, that he's prospering in a third world country, one of the poorest, fooling his daughter Nicole, brothers Father and Mother that Yes! he "made it!"Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agents

Now you may wonder why should be our business the action of a schizo megalomaniac landed in the Philippines in search of fortune defying the general rule consisting of "any expat must come with a big fortune to make a small profit, provided the guy has a minimum of commercial or other skills."He has none. Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agents

The reason is that Matt Wilkie is a scammer involved in crooked business including like cybersex dens and prostitution, mushrooming now days in the Philippines, like this one Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agents
Matt Wilkie chose to advertise the particularity of his none existing BPO center by putting the picture of a gay guy commonly called in the Philippines "Ladyboys" not necessary transsexuals but obsessed with the desire of looking as feminine as possible.
Here is another one of the same "guy"from Matt Wilkie's face book.

Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agentsThe reason I am exposing this matter to the world is that Matt Wilkie is not sending us a marketing message about his non existing BPO business. He invites you to read between the lines. What we read between the line is this: Wilkie's Ladyboys agents "for hire"
To my knowledge and experience, no real call center, BPO or any other serious business online behaves this way.

  • Exposing Ladyboys as being employees of his BPO Center will turn away even the most of the naive potential customers, not because of their tendency to discriminate against gay people but because of the underlying reason to insist on the visibility of such "model" representing the core of Wilkie's BPO 24hour call center agents
    It's just an appeal to the pimps operating already in Cebu and to others living abroad who want "a contact" to establish themselves in the "industry"

  • Matt Wilkie, with other pimps, is involved in the prostitution business in Cebu in many ways. The BPO 24hour business he claims he owns and the "booming" business within, is nothing else than a facade, a cover up of porn sites and cybersex dens. prostitution Wilkie's La

    • The Ladyboys in the Philippines did not escape the psychopath pornographers like Christopher Bennetts and Perry Gamsby that have many sites and books humiliating them as perfect masters they are in "sexual" torture. Matt Wilkie joined them about a year ago using his "regular" blogs as back links to promote their porn sites. Scenes of Ladyboys inspired Christopher Bennetts to create a site, but once I exposed it he rushed to "move it" elsewhere under private (Anonymous) registration.
    • Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agents

    Nothing left either of Chris Bennetts site Imaging ideas, the other Bennetts' main site, is now under private registration, making sure his name does not appear on his site even though the site has some content on, irrelevant, just for the heck of image polishing. Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agents

    Evan Iliadis has on file all the previous Whois entries of many Christopher Bennetts porn and barbaric sites, Some are already published others are coming.

    Matt Wilkie, desperate to survive in the Philippines partnered with Christopher Bennetts to develop this market provided many of the Ladyboys rejected by the Philippines society where very few employers hire them, go to prostitution for survival. The vultures are there, will approach them for a supposedly legitimate job but they will end up in a porn clip somewhere on the Internet. Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agents

    finally, I couldn't close this chapter with out a final word on Matt Wilkie. Take a look on the picture below.Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agents

    Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agents

    Matt Wilkie on the right side. Does he look like a businessman to you? A smelly fat pig! Chinillas sandals, 1 dollar each for pants and T- shirt from the local

    Below is another guy Matt Wilkie knows very well. Drew Frederick Shobbrook aka Dean Hoban aka Frenzy3. ( The circled face). Noticed? same kind of clothing. Like Matt Wilkie he also owned a BPO kind of business, but unlike Matt who is specialized in raising smart Pigs and recruitment of Ladyboys for Chris Bennetts business he was specialized in "book keeping" business. Take a look on his "agents" and let me know if they look "bookkeepers" girls to you! We don't have to worry about Drew he's now a trained dancer wearing a very special uniform for many years to come.

    Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agents

    Is not going to be long before Matt Wilkie joins him. Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys aComing! Working hard on


Sincerely yours

Evan Iliadis










Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals.

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Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines,

The Philippines a BPO slave nation Like any loser and mediocre living in denial of his mental condition that joined the sexpat crowd in the Philippines


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Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines,

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Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals.

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Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agents

After the tremendous success to his world's first idea of raising smart pigs those pigs that many organizations and industries like the Philippines Police Department and the call centers to name a few,





Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals