/> Is a Piggery a viable business in the Philippines?.
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Is a Piggery a viable business in the Philippines?

Is a Piggery a viable business in the Philippines?


Depending on what your skills are. If you don't know anything else in life -professionally and intellectually speaking, and how desperately you need money to survive, it may help to provide your family with meat once in while instead of the daily salted fish menu.
One thing is for sure, no expat in the Philippines ever has made any money from it, Filipinos that tried their chance realized that at the end of the day the only beneficiary from this business is the company who sells you the feeding products promising you "high return on your investment."

Matt Wilkie is not an ordinary expat of course, he can even draw vinegar out of the body of a dead fly, so genius is the guy. Besides, he has his own way to discipline the pigs and forced them to gain weight fast, so fast, the meat is covered with 5 inches of fat, so when you make a lechon you get only half of the pig! His secret? "You fecking pigs you don't obey I'll report you to the PNP!"

But no Matter what Matt do, pigs are pigs they are not in a hurry to grow for helping him.
They told him we are not willing to give you more than 1000 pesos a month profit, equal to 25 US$ dollars a month. Here is what Matt learned talking to the pigs

"Matt Wilkie said: A lot of people will tell you a piggery is a pointless business to be involved in and depending on your budget they maybe right. You really need to look at the figures to understand why.. If you have 10 pigs + piggery + feeds your looking at an investment of around = £1000Return wise you will get around P1,000 per month upwards depending how much work you put into the business. But ideally its a better business for a "Filipino" because foreigners here seem to base incomes in Western coinage not the fact that it only takes an hour a day". (The pigs didn't know that Matt has to share this income with the family)

As we all know, Matt Wilkie has revealed to Evan Iliadis every single secret he knew about every one in the Philippines, his relationship with the pigs hasn't been an exception. In turn, Evan is about to reveal in exclusivity Matt Wilkie's plans, that so far kept his secrets undercover as usual. I know Evan is taking a big risque here and he may be hit with another DMCA for trade secret infringement, but that's life! Evan is used to that...
Fellows, Matt had a dream: Raising smart pigs, with a dog's and better intelligence for selling them to the sheep raisers! Not for the meat. Look at the video below to see the kind of pig I'm talking about....


attWilkie finally discovered a mine of gold. Raising smart Pigs (Capital P please because of smart) was about to write history in the Philippines! He's now Number one raiser of smart pigs, big demand from all over the country! In fact, he signed a huge contract with the Philippines National Police for about 5 000 Smart Pigs that will patrol the streets in Cebu and put order and discipline. Because after seen what Matt's pig can do they couldn't resist! Take a look and judge it yourself...


Astonishing! Talented Matt Wilkie! How everyone could resist on this? Living close to your pigs paid off! Finally! I imagine the nights you spent sleeping with them, talking to them, your wife played her role as well, by stopping by and talking to the pigs every other hour!!! Congratulations!
I heard the signing of the contract with the PNP and other Philippines government security agencies will be a public event broadcasted all over the world from the PH Presidential Palace where the President Aquino will invest you with a special award tailored just for you in line with your profile shown on the picture with the pigs...We will cover this live when it happens....

The story fellows doesn't stop here. Matt has many other plans in the near, very near future. Even though he has remained very discreet on this project, we have learned that it's about a "call center" Look bellow on the screen shot taken from his blog.


Yes! A call Center" But a very particular one! He will be in connection with all the barfine bars and brothels in Cebu like the Cobra bar, Ron Miller brothels etc. Matt Wilkie's call center will deliver exclusively the orders taken from those directed to the "call Center" by his other successful project "tropical Penpals" sharing with the brothel owner the barfine, usually 3000 pesos = about 75 US dollars. One more thing and I'm done. We asked our Lawyer if we are taking any risque to disclose the information you will read shortly, with Guenther around who knows what may happens, he assured us that other than a DMCA for disclosing trade secrets we don't risque anything. Oh! if that's all who cares....
We have learned that investors are lining up to put money on the project because of a unique feature no center has offered so far: There will be no human beings answering the phone but Smart Pigs! La!Lala! La la la Lalala!!!



























































































































































































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The Philippines a BPO slave nation Like any loser and mediocre living in denial of his mental condition that joined the sexpat crowd in the Philippines


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Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines,

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