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When there is no other way to survive in the first world expats can always sell their soul to the devil. Does it pay?

December 2 2012

ellow readers, Good expats and bad sexpats throughout the world, decent and evil people, pimps schizophrenics and disillusioned, all welcome to my site.
You are now familiar with the sexpats wall of shame, the original, as written by Evan Iliadis and copied by others - including Matt Wilkie- a known copy cat that has no ideas, other than the ones he's stealing from others. to tell you just crap.

Most of the characters on Evan's wall of shame are either ole farts living with chicks third of their age, pimps and human traffickers like Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks, pedophiles and scammers like Paul Petrea and others I will develope down the road on this site. Today I will direct your attention to a different category of expats that found refuge in the Philippines; They are younger in age, coming from rich states, like the UK or Germany, blaming their countries for their failures in all aspects of life, including sentimental, professional and social. One of those is Matt Wilkie.

He doesn't belonMatt Wilkie from Tropical Penpalsg to the lucky ones have taken early retirement and spend the days sleeping off hangovers or going to the clinic to get another HIV test, to some who have set up businesses and have opened a bar selling barfines girls or a restaurant selling their native cuisine. Matt came to the Philippines in his 40s in search of what his country had denied him, as part of some of the strangest cross-section of society outside, that of a mental institute or a sex offender chose a refugee camp for losers, or a pilgrimage for those looking to find the answer as to why their respective society just doesn't like them. "I just couldn't find a job I wanted at home," or "England has no culture, it is so boring living there," said another. However, reading between the lines you will see that the truth is very different: Nobody wanted to give you a job and you couldn't get a girlfriend. They are society's under-achievers forced to exile somewhere where then can be some one, like in the Philippines where the color of your skin is more than enough to be called "Sir" by the locals.

Like other losers, Matt Wilkie has a wealth of stories about past academic and professional titles that many wonder with all these golden titles embossed on pergamum, why as of the writing of this, had to be in the Sultanate of Oman working as a security guard saving money for (?) To go back to the Philippines of course! The little money he make has a value only there..But for the first time since his exile
he has also been able to order a motorcycle! The greatest achievement ever, for 5 years in the Philippines! Take a look how he introduces himself on Linkedin:


Matt Wilkie from Tropical Penpals

And this one.

Matt Wilkie from Tropical Penpals

And this one.

If you the viewer understand what these titles is all about, especially being " director" of the tropical penpals blog,(should we laugh?) Wouldn't you expect with all these whistles and bells, one is an upper class expat, someone the Philippines will welcome on a red carpet for bringing capital and skills, so badly needed in the country? That's not the case reader. What you are about to read next is far for fitting the profile as he has posted all over the net in blogs with fat headlines like "world wide travel" and the like, all bogus and megalomaniac fantaisies.

att Wilkie came to the PH around year 2007 to see a girl he "met" on the net, usual cyber love story from rejected men in the 1st world looking for submissive women in the 3d world, he wrote the details in about of a dozen of his blog (he has more than 40 for SEO purpose), he married her, has a little girl, I think, and they live happily ever after, am not going into the lyrics, Google it and read yourself.

With very little capital and no income at all from abroad he trusted his future on Google clicks, some crooked lending and cellphone load business, some computer repair here and there and other odd jobs, nothing, absolutely nothing in line with the skills he told us he possess, none generated the expected income, or only a fraction of it. Like any Zero, to become a hero you need first to build an image. Some were successful on that, good manipulators, had some money, far more than Matt had, entered some clubs and associations like the Rotary International, Lions Club and others, established a real business with front store in down town, like Michael Turner published on their blog some pictures with officials sparkling some interest and respect in the local community. Until Evan Iliadis stepped in and showed the world who really were..

Matt Wilkie, as you will shortly read in mails he sent to Evan and others is far from being a master on this field, rather a retarded, putting pages and pages on his private life including how his ex wife doesn't let him see their daughter, just to name an example. Diarrhea "ala Guenther Vomberg lol!"

For reason of survival and consideration gain from the expat and sexpat community it was urgent that Mat HAD to do something. He did; What? spreading on the net that he was "investigator" talking to PNP (Philippines National Police) "helping" them to resolve unresolved crimes in the expat community. Below is an excerpt of a statement he made in a mail sent to Evan.

Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals.

Matt Wilkie from Tropical Penpals


Matt Wilkie snitching behavior is confirmed by himself. He wasn't helping the PNP but himself by also giving "information" on people they have done nothing wrong to cover up his own crooked business, like any "respectable collaborator will. Police informants around the world are recruited in the milieu of criminals or prisoners in exchange of "favors".

Next: The sordid story of a retarded that thought he was getting the attention of the PNP while they were all laughing at him. You will read more of the joke directly from the horse's mouth, his own fingerprints revealed in mails he sent to Evan Iliadis in an effort to impress him. He actually had an admiration for Evan's guts and he expressed it in more than one mail sent to him, to this Evan that from day one had never consider Matt as what he (Matt) was saying he is, but a clown, a mentally retarded as the read of his mails was showing. You'll have the opportunity read them all, up to you to make your conclusion



























































































































































































































Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals.


Mercedes-Benz A180 Review at 20,000 miles -Matt Wilkie


A liar! He's not working. Addicted to FB and other narcissistic occupations. Lying to his wife,children and friends about the reasons he left the Philippines. A WANTED MAN! The expat community is waiting for him. For the feast of his life!...

Matt Wilkie Philippines blog

Matt Wilkie - The REAL MATT WILKIE as he's known in the Philippines. Dear reader, welcome to Matt Wilkie's newest blog. As you know, he has left the Philippines, but at least 20 expats in Cebu alone are looking for you for theft, fraud, defamation. Some brought their case to the courts, other waiting for your return to square off the problem on their "own way". You know what that means in the Philippines, don't you? Read More

The truth about Matt Wilkie Philippines

Friend, if you are related to Matt Wilkie former resident of the Philippines, now exiled to Worcester UK, then the government let him understand he's undesirable and has to go. Contrary to his assertion, he has no work, sleeping on a sofa in his parents house living room with only income 71 pounds a week received from the government. you owe it to yourself to read these blogs erected to prevent the biggest scumbag the Philippines has ever hosted, especially if he tries to approach you for overnight get rich schemes. Read Morehe Philippines, don't you? Read More


Matt Wilkie the call centre year.

"God bless Evan Iliadis who unmasked the animal and forced him out of the Philippines. He's now dreaming that is living in Spain! Has anyone seeing him?"
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Friend Matt Wilkie asking help. Urgent!

Guenther, your brother in arms against your war on Evan Iliadis is in deep s…..t! Since you are now so popular around the world, I thought it would be a good idea to post this on your wall, so others reading the story can help. Read more...


The Philippines a BPO slave

Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines,

The Philippines a BPO slave nation Like any loser and mediocre living in denial of his mental condition that joined the sexpat crowd in the Philippines


The story of a story. - Matt Wilkie

Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines,

Tribute to Matt Wilkie living in Minglanila Philippines.The story of a story. The Philippines a BPO slave nation Like any loser and mediocre living in denial of his mental condition that joined the sexpat crowd in the Philippines


The Philippines a BPO slave

Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines, you're waisting time and resources you don't have to convince just 3 or 4 reading your blog that you're an IT businessman in the Philippines, convince your family in the UK that "You have made it"


Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals.

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Matt Wilkie Philanthropist? Probably Crook.
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Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agents

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Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals